The Unexpected Pause

I didn’t mean to leave this site empty for so long. Unfortunately, I contracted COVID-19 and have been out of commission for nearly three weeks. I’m finally feeling better, and my struggles to summit this mountain of work are paying off. So it’s time to return to writing some interesting things from time to time.

I’d like to start by commenting about the winter. This is the roughest winter we’ve had in New York in several years. I managed to take some good video of the three different storms we’ve had so far.

The Noreaster on December 16th

And the Noreaster we had on February 1st

Then the follow up snowstorm on February 7th

This has pretty much been my view the whole time during quarantine. I’m very lucky and glad I had a mild case of COVID-19, confirmed by my antibody test. Things are returning to normal around here, even if we are still somewhat frozen over.

Classes are not off to a good start, but I’m trying to catch up by trying not to be such a perfectionist about every video I make for class. I think given another week I should be back on track. Then I’m going to start to work ahead in order to avoid such problems in the future. I usually do that, but this winter break I just didn’t. Is that one of the impacts of the quarantine?

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